Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Until Uru?

So, where were we. zanda_myrande sent me a copy of Uru (many thanks). I installed it, got a code for Until Uru, created a character (no small fat options?), started playing... worked through the cleft and the windmill and stuff, and then the machine crashed out with a Blue Screen of Death while trying to explore the desert for handprints.

Three times now, which is enough; it crashes out if you try to go back in with that player.

I might play the single player version anyway...

UPDATE: OK, so I have to update the video drivers on my 6 month old PC to play a 2 year old game. Grrr. After that, the only problem was that it crashes randomly to desktop, and if it does this in the first stage of the game it doesn't save properly. Thereafter, going back in following a crash puts me harmlessly in my little start-the-game-here house. Of course, all this faffing about means I haven't had much time to play or anything.

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