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Death by teh Cute
From boingboing, unbelievably cute baby hedgehogs.

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*points* *squeeees loudly* They're just gorgeous!

There's several other cute pictures that come up if you do a Google Images search for Baby Hedgehog.

Ann was complaining to me a couple of hours ago that I always seem to spot hedgehogs (like I had minutes before, outside the hospital entrance, whilst waiting for her to get off duty), but she always misses them - other than the one I pointed out to her in our back garden one night several years ago. Of course, I am usually trying to avoid driving over the silly buggers.

It is law that baby animals are cuter than their parents. We have baby Tasmanian devils at the moment and they are way cute.

Baby Devils

Don't be fooled, they'd bite your fingers if they could.

They shouldn't be ALLOWED to be that cute...

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