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So, the British Red Cross doesn't have a direct donation screen for Katrina. Instead, it directs you to the US Red Cross.

Except that I'm not prepared to make a charitable donation to anything other than a UK registered charity. Not from misplaced patriotism, but because I am a higher rate taxpayer so an effective donation of £60 by me is worth £100 to the charity. It's not that UK charities can't send money abroad, plenty do.

So, has anyone spotted a UK charity that's taking Katrina donations?

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The Salvation Army web site has an international donation site that enables you to indicate your country of origin and I imagine they must be registered in the UK: https://secure1.salvationarmy.org/donations.nsf/donate?openform&projectid=USN-hurricane05

No donation is still worth £0, regardless of the tax rate you pay.

Quite right, but they'll still need money next week; they don't need me to donate money right this second rather than working out how to do it tax-efficiently.

Just make sure you do. I'll be checking ;-)

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