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I did this cos supergee was having trouble iconising it. But anyone else who wants it is very welcome to grab it.

NB: you should not draw inferences about my personal politics from this icon. But it is a funny picture...

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Am I allowed to ask, in a non-confrontational way, what is your personal opinion of G W Bush? I keep thinking that there must be something to the guy which all the Bushophobes are missing, unless it really was just cronyism which got him to the White House?

I'll post friends-locked.

I see Snopes are already on the case. That was quick.

Yes, but 'Sky News (Ireland)'?

Wikipedia has an article on SkyNews with this sentence:
Sky News Ireland began in May 2004. This differs from Sky News UK only in that it includes two local halfhour weekdaily programmes, and a weekly summary programme.

So presumably it was part of one of those programmes.

I bet you didn't vote for him.

Snarfed! Thanks ever so.


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