Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Fate and Howl.

Lasting no more than five minutes. I am in the middle of a full-on essay crisis. Said crisis has been made considerably worse by a complete addiction to allegedly casual game Fate. This is casual in the sense that it takes about 30 seconds after starting to be into it and whapping the heads of random monsters; it's rather less casual in the sense that you start playing it and suddenly it's six hours later. For anyone interested in the taxonomy of games, it's a roguelike and I love it to bits. I've always adored semi-random dungeonhacks and this is a very well-implemented one; pretty, engaging, plenty of variety, and comes complete with pets and fish. You have a choice of carrying on down the dungeon to infinity, or retiring and leaving your very best item of equipment to your descendant to carry on the family name. And I was just going 'what a shame it is that the dragons are so small' when I ran into my first actual enormous dragon and nearly wet myself.

We also saw the dubbed version of Howl's Moving Castle, which I liked very much although I suspect I would have liked it better if they'd USED THE DAMNED PLOT FROM THE BOOK INSTEAD OF FUCKING AROUND WITH IT.

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