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(no subject)

I was going to do a quiz, but it turned out that everyone was missfairchild / tamaranth.

Thanks to green_amber for the idea. As ever.

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Heh. I'm waiting for the fic.

I'm really going to have to get my own copy of Photoshop aren't I?


Yup, that's right. You just tell Photoshop; hey, stitch these three pictures together in just this way and add a coupla lines of text, go on, just match the original in whatever way suits you... Then you sit back and watch it do all the work.

Or, well, not. Photoshop's not really the issue. It does make it easier to do complex stuff quickly once you know how. But there's nothing in this that couldn't have been done with the non-time-limited shareware version of Paintshop Pro (version 4), for example.

Re: It's a piece of cake.

So I'm not the only one on day 479 of my 30 day trial for PSP4, then?

Re: It's a piece of cake.

I used PSP4 for a long time (I did register it eventually), but then I bought first the registered version of PSP5, and then Photoshop. I do still have PSP (v7 now), which I use for some things, and I've promised myself a shiny new Photoshop 7 for Mac if I get promoted. Ha bloody ha. The pic of sneerpout/tamaranth would have been a doddle in PSP7, which costs less than green_amber spends on a haircut.

Re: It's a piece of cake.

People drive cars that cost less than green_amber spends on a haircut.

Re: It's a piece of cake.

'Scuse me, when did you start stalking me at the hairdessers? (says she, who has just spent ten minutes agonising on whether her lego person whould have blonde or red hair..)


Re: It's a piece of cake.

I used it for ages while I couldn't afford to buy it. Then I bought it. Then I upgraded my computer and lost all the details. That was two or three computers ago and the software's still going strong. I only really use it for resizing images and screenshots but I like it a lot.

Re: It's a piece of cake.

I have to use PSP, as it's the best thing I've found for doing screenshots when I'm sending copy into magazines... It's a bit of a memory hog which is why none of my PCs now have less than half a gig of RAM.

Re: It's a piece of cake.

That was one of my reasons for upgrading. Unless PSP was the first thing I loaded after a reboot it would load without any buttons visible or clickable. This limited its use rather a lot. Lots of memory and a variety of other upgrades later it's fine.

The other great feature of PSP is the "browse" to find out what's lying around different directories. Very useful for seeing exactly what I took photos of and put in the 05-03-02 directory, for example.

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