Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

I actually had to be drunk before doing the Alison Needs meme

Gacked from the entire world (and yes I was drunk) . I conclude that Alison is in fact a scary woman.

Alison needs London accommodation
Alison needs YOU
Alison needs to be supervised
Alison needs to see that her leadership... is not simply a service that she is performing for you
Alison needs you to volunteer
Alison needs a team of committed people
Alison needs to meet Rafe alone in some place. [Ed: NOT.]
Alison needs to have an idea of what buildings they like
Alison needs another full year of English
Alison needs to be reined in, the same as a horse.

OK, that last one wasn't in the first ten. But isn't it great? Apply below.

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