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TV companies just don't get it shock
So, having whined to anyone who'll listen for months that the model I need for TV is "come to our site and download the next episode for $1.99"... Behold! Apple launches episodes of Lost, which I have not seen, for $1.99. Hurrah!

Except that they're not available in the UK. Duh. So if I want to watch Lost, instead of going to Apple and giving them trivial amounts of money in exchange for a fast, clean, legal copy with no weird station idents, I have to go to a torrent-hunting site and spend 9 hours downloading it instead.

I had a row with M yesterday about television, at the end of which I said "You know, we never, ever watch broadcast television. We know from coth that if you detune your TV you can use it as a DVD playing device and not pay the license fee. We could just do that and then you would have No More Cartoon Network At All Ever Again until you earn enough money to buy us a new license fee. Think on that." Pay-as-you-go TV at a sensible rate brings that scenario closer.

Honestly. I ditched the NTL family pack to get rid of Cartoon Network. How dare the buggers go freeview?

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You people are mad - that's you, and Alison and Tom , and Andy just as a starter.. What's so difficult about just taping the TV you want to watch? or even just watching the damn stuff on the night it's on?!!! (esp now most things are repeated about 3 times a week on cable) Why pay good money or spend vast amounts of time doing complicated downloads or buy expensive Tivos to watch something that's VIRTUALLY FREE IN ITS NATIVE STATE!!!!! (and even if I didn't watch any TV ever I would regard paying the license fee as a social plus - think of the World Service, radio 4, the BBC news website..)

(unless you're talking about series 2 not yet shown in UK in which case: develop patience, my child :-)

pps can this be the same person who was complaining about lack of originality in Serenity?? I like Lost (mainly for the scenery and the totty) but it is tosh of the first water - makes Firefly look like Kafka crossed with Oscar Wilde.

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... though I have taken the wrong plunge (since TiVo is not possibly to buy new in this country) and bought a hard disc TV recorder with DVD burner.

I already have Telewest cable (which of course you can't set to your programme except on the day of broadcast, what sort of crap is that?) so all I have to do now is remember to set the recorder to record the stuff I want, and the cable box to switch over at the right time. Hopefully this weekend I'll figure out how to do that!

In the meantime, it was crappy VHS recording "Loudon Wainwright at the BBC" this evening (and the Eric Clapton thing as well).

Which is so much more difficult than the endless spodding with Linux whatever that practically everyone who objects to videoing does for fun!!!!!

Video is indeed crap but recordable DVD is tumbling.

Actually, you know, it's worth $1.99 to me just for getting it without ads. And I so cannot be arsed to find out when things I'm interested in watching are on.

I take the ad point - I seem less worried by ads than everyone I know - I take them as opportunities to work/make tea/check email etc.
But finding out when things are - just buy a Sunday paper! they all have TV supplements now! This has the plus that you also find out what new interesting stuff might be on, particularly of the one off variety - one of the major objections I have to Tivo culture is that it encourages people towatch the same thing semper eternally.

And yes, the ones I want are the first season ones, that have been broadcast on UK TV. I don't want to buy the DVD, I want to download an episode or two to see if I like it.

I'm with you. Broadcast TV is a dreadful medium; you're completely at the mercy of its timing.

It is a measure of how deeply I have fallen for Veronica Mars that, having now watched the first 24 episodes via bittorrent, in 26 minutes I will actually watch the latest episode via broadcast TV. I don't believe I've done that in this decade.

Fortunately, this week's episode was a little more coherent than last week's.

I keep feeling slightly disappointed by this season, but then I find myself thinking about whether Dylan and the new chick will end up together. That's not like me! The show needs a disclaimer: VM may be both subversive and seductive.

This is the Internet. How do they know you're in the UK? A credit card number is a credit card number, after all, and it's not like they need a delivery address.

IP addys differ for each country.

Not necessarily. ANd anyway I know any number of places she could ssh to, then come back out the other side of looking perfectly local.

They know which country your credit card is registered in. The store is tuned to each country.

Except that they're not available in the UK.

I heard that they were going to be, but at the price of £1.89. Which says something about the exchange rate...

Do you know if the new iPods will allow you to upload your own video, or only that from the iTMS?

(Deleted comment)
Give it a couple of weeks and there will be a bunch of HOWTOs around for ripping DVDs to iPod video using free software. A few more and there will be small, dodgy software companies offering programs to do it for you.
Any bets on how long before we see screen pics of someone either booting Linux or running Doom on the new iPod?

(Deleted comment)
Actually, when I say couple of weeks, I meant couple of minutes. Just seen a couple of links to just this information on Boing Boing. Serves me right for reading LJ first.
As for the porting Linux thing, well how else are they going to install all those groovy 80s video games without something to run the emulators on?

Well, you know, when I went to see Serenity, there was an ad for someone who appeared to have booted Doom to Cineworld screen 6. Or something like that.

I can almost cope wtih the idea that a video game with a strong plot, eg, Ultima 7, had been made into a movie.

But. You know. Doom, the Movie. You know everything you need to know about this film from the title. And still, there are critics out there complaining that it's mindless. Well. Duh.

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