Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

TV companies just don't get it shock

So, having whined to anyone who'll listen for months that the model I need for TV is "come to our site and download the next episode for $1.99"... Behold! Apple launches episodes of Lost, which I have not seen, for $1.99. Hurrah!

Except that they're not available in the UK. Duh. So if I want to watch Lost, instead of going to Apple and giving them trivial amounts of money in exchange for a fast, clean, legal copy with no weird station idents, I have to go to a torrent-hunting site and spend 9 hours downloading it instead.

I had a row with M yesterday about television, at the end of which I said "You know, we never, ever watch broadcast television. We know from coth that if you detune your TV you can use it as a DVD playing device and not pay the license fee. We could just do that and then you would have No More Cartoon Network At All Ever Again until you earn enough money to buy us a new license fee. Think on that." Pay-as-you-go TV at a sensible rate brings that scenario closer.

Honestly. I ditched the NTL family pack to get rid of Cartoon Network. How dare the buggers go freeview?

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