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Windows 95
Some of you must have some copies of Windows 95 knocking around somewhere...? Could someone please bring one to the Tun (at the Melton Mowbray) tomorrow night?


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Knocking around? Am still using mine. Never seen much point in upgrading.

Depends if you're running post-'95 software, I guess. I recall a Dilbert cartoon in which he tries to load MS W98 and concludes it's just sitting there and insulting the spex on his PC.

I won't be there. But if you're still stuck in the run-up to the Christmas Tun, shout again and I'll dig mine out.

Got 98 if that's any help, but probably won't make the Tun.

I have 98. This is to repair the OS on a machine running 95 -- and yes, upgrading might be a possibility, though the machine is 9 years old and I am not convinced it would be very happy about an upgrade. Not a machine I use, obviously.

if it's easy to find, and you can bring it along, then great!

I have an old (well it would be) oem copy that came with a long departed PC if you want it.

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