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I'd like to create a poll, but I don't think my work computer is up to it.

Imagine you're a guest in someone else's house. While checking your email on their computer, you discover they are logged into their LJ. What do you do?

a) stop reading as soon as you realise, because, well, eewwww.
b) have a quick peek, what harm can it do? But keep your mouth shut.
c) carefully read through messages on private filters you aren't on, and then check the comments to work out exactly who else is on that filter.
d) round on the author of the filtered posts, demanding to know why you weren't included in the filter and why other people were.

It's happened to me and I just didn't read it. I'm quite prepared to accept that I have different friends from my friends and some of my shared friends will be more open with them and with me, and vice versa.

Having had this happen, the "eww" factor is huge and instantaneous upon realising...

Have also had this happen and reaction a) kicked in immediately.

Haven't had this happen, but a) would be, I hope, my reaction. I'd no more ferret around someone's personal data on their PC as I would the contents of their desk (heck, I regard M's intray as private unless asked to look in it). But I do tend to assume that other folk guard their privacy as closely as I do mine and act accordingly.

I once did b) in a similar situation, and believe me it can do a lot of harm. So now I'd definitely, definitely choose a).

e) Post a comedy entry where they say they're joining a monastery/running off to Paraguay/bidding for Eastercon.

or if it's your laptop post "I am ghey" ASAP - but then that wasnae me.

I've done (b) before, realised that the answer is 'actually, quite a lot' and rapdily switched to (a).

Oh, and (e) of course.

(a) Anything else is like rifling through someone's mail, only worse.

If I have a guest in my house, they get the use of a spare computer ...

Oh, and if I'm a guest in someone else's, the chance is that I've taken my computer with me.

I'd try really, really hard to do A. But something closer to B is really tempting. However, I feel bad enough about doing B that that shut mouth is firmly shut and nobody ever knows what I saw.

Actually, it's never happened to me with LJ, but with open email boxes.

I know people filter me out of some posts but I can't see any point in demanding to know which and why. It's hardly likely to endear me to them and make them change their mind, is it?

But something closer to B is really tempting.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't feel something akin to b) in situations like this, given that I am naturally curious about most other things. But I find that the feeling of invading someone else's privacy/personal space is just so resoundingly icky that it immediately overrides all other tendencies.

Look at their LJ mail? I don't think so. I want to see those messages sent to me, not to other people.

(a). Instantly. And say, in mildly annoyed tones, "You know, you were still logged on to livejournal - I had to log you off."

This has actually happened to me once or twice, and once or twice it's happened that someone read something private addressed to me. People can find themselves in (b) without realising it, and if so, the only possible thing to do is keep your mouth shut forevermore.

a). And then go and read my own friends page with/without logging them off, depending, but without logging me on.

Oh, and for what it's worth, it'd downright rude to borrow a computer to check your mail without asking first for exactly this kind of reason but people have done that at my house on occasion. The one where party attendees opened the closed computer cupboard and started to use the machine came as a bit of a shock to me.

well, a), but more with an "oops" than a "eeewwww".