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Fatso the Urban Fox
Our local fox is utterly tame and a bit of a softy. Anyway, he wasn't troubled by my taking photos of him, and you can see one over at Flickr.

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He looks reasonably sleek, too.

Oh gosh, that's even better than having a hedgehog in the garden. I have been outfoxed.

He looks absolutely gorgeous, btw

He's splendid!
I have seen no foxes since moving from surburban Altrincham, which was alive with them, to semi rural Northwich.
I have newts, owls, toads, frogs, fieldmice, kingfishers and minnows in the stream but no foxes. Oh, and a cat at nearly every house.


I wonder if it's the cats? Back in Chessington I saw urban foxes from time to time, but none here in Coveney.

It's possible that they live largely on small rodents in the country, and the cats are catching enough of them that the foxes have moved off for easier pickings in the town.

Nice picture.

I occasionally bump into foxes on my way home late at night, and it's always a nice surprise.

That's a gorgeous photo!

I love that since we humans have left the predator niche open in our cities that wildlife has moved in and is thriving.

I don't much mind urban foxes; I don't think they cause terribly much trouble compared, to, you know, teenagers. But I don't like the way that people, particularly flat-dwellers, are so inept about locking down their rubbish that there's enough food lying around for lots of foxes. I'd prefer if the niche were quite a lot smaller.

I don't think they cause terribly much trouble

You should get an allotment. Then you'll grasp just how much damn trouble they cause!

Is that a long lens and a remote flash, or is he really only just outside your house?

P.S. Or allowing you to walk across the garden close to him? I just assumed you were in some sort of cover.

He is in the garden of the next door house. It is a perfectly ordinary dSLR with the zoom lens it comes in, at the max of zoom (which is 55m though remember the digital to slr conversion) and ordinary flash. I was probably no more than eight feet from the fox. For the following shot I had to make chook chooky noises to get him to turn his head towards me.

A couple of weeks ago he was sort of wandering off slowly when there were people around, but he's clearly decided that that's too much like hard work.

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