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Throwing myself on the mercy of LJ
OK, it's like this. We bought, from Rymans, a Zire 72 for Marianne for Christmas -- as far as we can tell, one of the very last in the country. It's just perfect for her; mp3, camera, plus all the functionality of the very battered second-hand Clie she's been using. It was an ex-demo, but they showed us, very carefully, that all the bits were there.

Except that they have given us the wrong charger. It wasn't even a 'charger lying around'; it was neatly packaged up in the box.

The bastards.

It also comes with a USB lead, but the PDA doesn't appear to charge through its mini-USB; or, at least, I've tried 3 different mini-USB cables without success.

So, it is now 11pm on 23/12. Unless I can either find a Zire 72 charger in stock somewhere tomorrow morning, or find someone nifty who can sort out something generic, I am going to be giving my 8 year old a dream present that doesn't actually work. I'm reasonably sure I can sort one out in a week or two... but that won't really cut the mustard.

It's 5.2v, max 1A. A socket that looks like an ordinary charger socket (as opposed to a PDA dock).

Any ideas? I guess if the worst comes to the worst I will give her an almost-discharged palm with a promise to sort it out. But it's a bit rotten, isn't it?

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If you can tell whether it's tip-positive or ring-positive, you may be able to get a universal adapter of some sort from Tandy; at least the US Radio Shacks have that sort of thing.

If it looks like an ordinary socket, it probably IS an ordinary socket. Chargers that fit ordinary sockets can be bought from general electronic stores, the same sort of store that sells leads for your stereo and such. You can probably buy a generic charger with a selection of changeable plugs and a range of voltage settings for somewhere vaguely around a tenner? 5.2V is a funny amount, but its very likely that 6V will do the job just fine.

Dunno about what's available in your area of the world, but the I-go at http://www.igo.com/home.asp might be of help. US Radio Shacks have an assortment of charging possibilities and a reference manual to sort out what works and what won't.

Try Maplins. They sell the oddest things.

Tesco shops have some gadgets in their "christmas presents you might be able to palm off on someone" range that include a USB charger with dozens of different tips, was £5 I think but is now reduced to 2.50. Got some multitools in the same range yesterday that were £5 reduced to 2.50, and some teeny radios £3 reduced to £1.50. Great stocking fillers.

Or the charger from an old psion organiser may well work.

gave away all my psion bits... but the Tesco tip is a great one, thanks.

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<armb rummages about a bit. armb fails to find his old Psion power supply to check.> (I'm still using my Psion. It runs off two AA batteries, so I suspect the power supply output is 3V. But maybe you mean another model of Psion, if they actually had chargers.)
I second Maplin. They sell loose barrel connectors as well if you need to wire a different sized connector on something else.

By the looks of the palm website, it's supposed to be recharged using a standard Palm connector - sadly the pictures are too small to see.

What non-USB ports does it have?

No, it's not. The charger they *gave* me was like an ordinary palm dock except broken. This looks much more like a tiny ordinary charging pin.

I have a Zire 50 with a charger as similarly described - this is a little cheaper - so maybe you can treat yourself? I would be astounded if it weren't a generic class of charger ...

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