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Throwing myself on the mercy of LJ
OK, it's like this. We bought, from Rymans, a Zire 72 for Marianne for Christmas -- as far as we can tell, one of the very last in the country. It's just perfect for her; mp3, camera, plus all the functionality of the very battered second-hand Clie she's been using. It was an ex-demo, but they showed us, very carefully, that all the bits were there.

Except that they have given us the wrong charger. It wasn't even a 'charger lying around'; it was neatly packaged up in the box.

The bastards.

It also comes with a USB lead, but the PDA doesn't appear to charge through its mini-USB; or, at least, I've tried 3 different mini-USB cables without success.

So, it is now 11pm on 23/12. Unless I can either find a Zire 72 charger in stock somewhere tomorrow morning, or find someone nifty who can sort out something generic, I am going to be giving my 8 year old a dream present that doesn't actually work. I'm reasonably sure I can sort one out in a week or two... but that won't really cut the mustard.

It's 5.2v, max 1A. A socket that looks like an ordinary charger socket (as opposed to a PDA dock).

Any ideas? I guess if the worst comes to the worst I will give her an almost-discharged palm with a promise to sort it out. But it's a bit rotten, isn't it?

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I have a Zire 50 with a charger as similarly described - this is a little cheaper - so maybe you can treat yourself? I would be astounded if it weren't a generic class of charger ...

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