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For those of you who follow my 'learning to use an iMac' blog, Macadamia, I've added a huge amount of stuff to it this evening, after a month of solid neglect.

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I'm just experimenting with Chimera, a Mac OS X and aqua native version of Mozilla - http://chimera.mozdev.org. It's nice and nifty! Have you also seen Forwarding Address, a collaborative blog by people like Cory Doctorow and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, which is doing something very similar to you! http://saladwithsteve.com/osx

Yes, I've seen Forwarding Address: OSX. It's a bit more serious than Macadamia, and it's much better about sticking to topic. I'm a relentless drifter. Though I realise that I drifted so far off the point with that post that I forgot why the Clié stuff was relevant to Macadamia at all -- Sony doesn't supply a mac sync for it; which is a shame, because it's much the most beautiful PDA. Until Apple produce one, of course.

I use Omniweb, and IE for the many pages that Omniweb can't render. Omniweb is great, but not very standards compliant. (understatement). Last time I looked at chimera it was still quite a lot of wires sticking out of it, but I might see if it's advanced.

Sony don't do a Mac sync, but there's a third-party one. Google for "missing sync".

Scarily one of the best Mac/Palm syncs is Microsoft's...

I know about Missing Sync

I'm just irritated by the suggestion I should shell out for functionality that ought to be right there in the box.

chimera looks lovely, is very standards-compliant, renders fast, will offer to never show pop-up/under windows, and is as unstable as a really, really unstable thing.

The recent 0.3 build looks good. I'm using Mozilla with the Orbits theme as my main browser/mail client tho'...

Eep, you linked to my web page! I really ought to maintain it.

I'm dubious about the mac OS. I always found it very patronising when I used it - but that was system 7, quite some time ago. Meanwhile I've never really got the hang of command lines, either, so the "but it's unix" arguments are scary too. I got by with system 7 but when I started to use a PC I found I preferred Windows to MacOS. I also think that Macs suffer by being the minority - things like your Palm sync problems, for example. The world tends to assume that if you have a computer it's a PC so I find it easier to nod, smile, and have a PC.

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