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Just exactly how cute is Nintendogs?
Here's what you need to know about me. I am not a dog person. The joys of dogs, and puppies, leave me completely cold. Not My Sort of Animal.

So, why am I speaking into my shiny new Nintendo DS, going "Caramel! Walkies!"?

I knew we were in trouble when, having chosen the particular variety of Nintendogs because I wanted a calm, patient, obedient Husky, on actually going to the puppy choosing screen we found ourselves coming away with a brown-and-white beagle described as "wilful and full of energy". Because, you know, she was just the Right Dog.

This may be the cutest videogame of all time.

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"And thus she was lost to us for all time."

You wait til you're there, shouting "wag bottom!" repeatedly at a confused canine. I've seen it happen.

The puppies are almost unspeakably cute. Especially when you get the pirate hat.

Hee! Yes, been there too. I'm a cat person and yet have a cute little Shih Tzu. dsky refuses to join in unless they make Nintencats, however.

I think they're planning to. Or rather, imagine the marketing conversation...

"Ok. Next topic, do we make Nintencats? Well, lets consider what the merits of the business case are."
"Well, if we make it, we get to shovel cash until our arms are tired... "

I've seen lots of reviews saying it's the best game available for the DS, and we did give H a DS for his birthday, but I figured that if he wanted to spend time with a dog, we have a real dog.

It is ASTONISHINGLY cute, I'll admit.

I have a spaniel-type doggie, and he is the cutest thing in the world ever.

Give me a shout if you wish to acquire extra types of dog, and I will bring my DS along to something to trade.

ooh yes you can be a barking-type friend! oooh!

(spins round and round chasing her tail)

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