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What I've Been Doing Today
I updated my blog with a post that is designed to be semi-permanent; I'll link to it from my sidebar, and perhaps also my LJ user-info page and so on.

Behold, Alison's Potted Guide to Music. Links to several dozen free-as-in-beer legal downloads from bands I particularly like, gleaned from the wide corners of the web. More to follow. Bookmark. Send me suggestions.

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Being a) poor and b) a luddite, I don't have an iPod or capability to download mp3s but as you know I am a music-obsessive so thanks for pointing all that stuff out.

So tell me please, how do i link to your music blog from my Livejournal so I can keep up?

You'd be wanting to add alisonscottblog as a friend. Though actually I don't think our tastes have terribly much in common (though everyone on the planet likes Arcade Fire).

It's not just a music blog though, it sort of covers other things as well. If you just want the music, then there's probably some way to just syndicate the 'music' category -- but I don't actually know what it is.

We match up on the wonderful Thea Gilmore for starters. I saw her open for The Walkabouts and Willard Grant Conspiracy just before she released Burning Dorothy and was highly impressed. I've seen her four more times since and I think I have everything she has released to date.

Also Laura Cantrell has a great voice, John peel played her a few times you know.

If you like Thea Gilmore, you might like Vienna Teng, who I've just realised I left off despite the fact that she has mp3s on her site and I know it.

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