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I'm still blaming Fran
Still plodding through Qwyzzle. Now up to Level 55. Haven't needed a hint since those blessed prison dogs.

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Stuck at 53, the balls.

I'm still blaming Fran

Stuck - probably permanently - at 34 -the chessboard. I do not know chess from me bum. Any hints (or Answers!) will be gratefully received can be sent via email addy on my user info. Am not joking!
I shared the misery t'other day and now have a colleague hooked. Bastard's doing better than me...

Re: I'm still blaming Fran

I will send you a hint. If you want the full answer let me know.

Re: I'm still blaming Fran

To save further posts ... if you stumble across the above and want the answer to level 34, I have posted it here.

Now on #70. I've used a few hints on the way but no actual cheats. Most of the ones I used hints on I probably would have got eventually "the hard way" but I couldn't really afford the time it to spend days on some Qs rather than hours. (I'm seeing this as a bit of amusement only so am happy to have a clue where appropriate).

Hmmm ... that was me, but it posted as anonymous. Sorry !

I've finished it - give me a sout (with a description or a link, 'cause I didn't bookmark them all!) if you want a hint.

(Deleted comment)
It doesn't like Safari either, hang on...


That link to the starting page should work ok with FireFox; it tells you what the various status messages are rather than your having to move the mouse around but otherwise its the same. The image map on the home page fails on everything except IE.

Gah! I hadn't come across this, but my entire working and social life has now collapsed as a result of it. Just reached 55; I expect you are much further on by now.

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