Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Party Shuffle Meme ... it all comes round again...

From all sorts of people, and I've done it before. Take the first 20 songs in party shuffle, list the first lines of each. No instrumentals, songs with the title in the first line, more than one song by an artist. I've also eliminated things that are extraordinarily obscure (eg internet downloads from people who play in their local pub), and I've selected from the playlist of music I own, rather than the larger and less (to me) interesting one of music I happen to have on my computer. Comments screened. I deleted one track because it was terminally embarrasing.

1. And it's go boys go, they'll time your every breath purplecthulhu
2. Now it's coming to the end of the evening, the time when the ceiling sways
3. You always seem to laugh for every photograph
4. Here was the home that knew plenty of shouting and happiness and trouble
5. It's difficult, it's very tough. I said to the man who's been sleeping rough
6. I could hear the tramwheels turning on the high street every morning
7. Small mac, big mac, burger and fries, shove them in boxes all the same size kate_schaefer
8. One look at love and you may see it weaves a web over mystery
9. Nobody's perfect, not even a perfect stranger bibliofile
10. She's drifting by the place where she pawned her rings
11. Do you know who I am, do you know where you are
12. Well I know where all that time has gone, blown and drifted listening to an August night
13. We lock the hurricane indoors, looking for shelter we deny and ignore
14. It's so cold in this house, open mouth swallowing us
15. As it fell out upon a day as many in the year madcatwoman, though this version is actually Nic Jones
16. There's a man in my bed, I used to love him, his kisses used to take my breath away purplecthulhu
17. I see you sparkle in the light like a little diamond in the rough the_maenad
18. Truth is unspoken, promises broken, I'm under surveillance, they know what my name is
19. They bind his eyes with a silken scarf and in his ear a friend explains roadnotes
20. Dawn off the Foreland, the young flood making, jumbled and short and steep

I think this is really really hard. I think there are two I would have certainly got without thinking, and probably four or five more that I'd have got with a bit of thought. And I own these songs; even the two I know are not "hits" or anything like that. But some of the rest did have some modest success. Good luck.

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