Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

More Qwyzzle

I have just been destroyed by level 93.

So. I squint. (not to be confused with the excellent iSquint) I look hard at the map. I do not recognise the place. But there's a roundabout! Perhaps that's googlable. It is! It's a place. I learn about the place. I seek out many maps. I learn the names of both roads that intersect at the marked point, and much of the political arrangements for local government in the relevant country. I try the names of every tier of government for the spot. I look for local places of interest. I am quite confident that there is no place of interest on the relevant intersection, or at least, nothing as interesting as a post office or a grocery store. I try the names of all nearby roads. Of some other, nearby places of interest, in case I've lost the plot somewhere. I have seen many beautiful photographs of the relevant city. I load up Google Maps. I squint some more. Google maps does not resolve very far in the relevant area, particularly not in its streetmap code. I load up Google Earth in case somebody has had the foresight to put one of those little Google Earth tags on the relevant spot.

Eventually, I give up. I seek out the answer.


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