Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Sunday Morning Music Meme

gacked from pigeonhed

1. What are you listening to right now? Weirdly, nothing, because 6Music just auto switched off at 10am.

2. What song makes you sad? "Lies" by Stan Rogers

3. What is the most annoying song in the world? I particularly hate covers sung very slowly by overwrought American women. So, say "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Eva Cassidy.

4. Your all-time favourite band? Very hard. Probably Horslips, who I've never seen live, or Oysterband, who I've seen live no end of times.

5. Your newly discovered band is? Wailin' Jennys

6. Best female voice? Anne Briggs

7. Best male voice? Damien Barber

8. Music type you find yourself listening to most? English electric folk

9. What do you listen to, to hype you up? folky electronic dance music, like Xose Manuel Budino or Elephant Talk

10. What do you listen to when you want to calm down? traditional ballads

11. Last gig/concert you went to? Wailin' Jennys on Wednesday, unless you count the ENO's Mikado on Thursday.

12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now? My iTunes New Music playlist

13. Most hated band? I don't really hate bands. But I do think Coldplay have the worst combination of bland music and massive success.

14. Song that makes you think? Lots of them.

15. Band that you think the world should love as much as you do? Not a band, but Richard Thompson

16. Coolest music video? A-Ha, Take on Me

17. Music video with the most babe watch? Not for me, sorry.

18. What do you play/would you play in the bedroom to spice things up? The Carnival Band, about which we have an amusing anecdote. I think Horslips "King of Morning, Queen of Day" is a very sexy song, too.

19. Can you play a musical instrument? Play recorder well, keyboards somewhat, violin very badly, and am learning the melodeon.

20. Ever been in a mosh pit? Yes.

21. Are you in a band? No.

22. Do you wish that you were a musician? Do I wish I played and sang better -- yes, of course. Do I wish that I generated the majority of my income from music -- are you mad?

23. Best chick band you know of? Hmm. I do like the Wailin' Jennys, and Tiny Tin Lady are promising. For most bands I have no idea if they're all girls or not.

24. Last song that you heard on the radio/CD/etc.? Er, it turned off a little while ago and I can't remember now. Go look at their playlist.

25. What do you think of classical music? I'm woefully ignorant. I like it well enough but it tends not to inspire me on records and I can't be arsed to invest the time and money to go to classical concerts. I do like and collect some of the minimalists, who seem to me to be doing something that's like electronica but a whole lot more interesting.

26. What do you think of country music? I like it more as I understand its folk underpinnings better. Lots of it is very poor though.

27. What do you think of death metal? Not for me.

27b. Let's broaden this. Hip-hop? Nope, not really.

27c. Electronica? Too much looping gets me down. I like Reich and Glass, using real instruments to explore some of the same themes. I like Martyn Bennett, sampling from source music I like. I like Elephant Talk and other bands who build up electronic soundscapes live on stage to create richer music than they could without the loops, but still with references to the tradition. Lots of electronica feels like young people's music: "just noise".

27d. Showtunes? Depends. I like G&S and Sondheim a lot; Andrew Lloyd Webber depresses me; so much of the stuff in the West End feels re-treaded; where are the great new shows?

28. Last BIG band that you saw live? How Big is Big? Bellowhead clearly counts; I think that was December.

29. Are you a groupie? possibly a bit.

30. Do you listen to music in foreign languages? Celtic languages surely, especially Scots & Irish Gaelic. Galician, Welsh a bit. But I prefer songs I understand in general, so I tend to prefer music in English.

31. What famous musician would you like to fuck? Ooh. Do they have to be famous? Almost any charismatic frontman; I'm easy.

32. Worst concert moment? Probably the King Crimson Vroom tour, first half of the Albert Hall concert, where they played all the new stuff and our brains leaked out our ears. The second half was marginally better but still, overall a terrible, painful, expensive show.

33. Funny concert moment? I don't think I've seen a band whose patter is funnier than Last Night's Fun; I was collapsing with laughter.

34. Sad concert moment? We were at the Cambridge Folk Festival a couple of years and it tipped down with rain. So eventually we all escaped back to Tibs & Joan's for stew and hot drinks and dry and warm. And after an hour or so, Michael Abbott got up and said "Right. I'm off back to see Joe Strummer". And we all admired his tenacity and carried on chatting. And of course that proved to be my last best only chance to see Strummer; he died a few months later.

35. Best local act you can think of? Definitely Mawkin, who are local to Loughton and play once or twice a year in Walthamstow.

36. If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? Melodeon

37. Do you watch music TV? Not really, even when I know I should.

38. Do you follow the music charts, like the top 40? Ha ha ha.

39. Have you met any famous musicians? Hmm. Lots of folk musicians who probably don't count as famous.

40. Are any of your friends/family/etc. musicians? As above, it depends how you define musician. Lots make music for fun.

41. Song that best describes your feelings right now? Sorry, too complicated.

42. Song that describes your life? Life's Been Good To Me So Far by Joe Walsh ("I can't complain but sometimes I still do"), or Gonna Make You Happy Tonight by Tripod ("Before we get down to love, I've just got to finish this level...")

43. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to? Gracious, no.

44. Does a musician's physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to? Yes, because beautiful musicians find it easier to get contracts, gigs and so on. No, in that I don't give a damn what they look like.

45. What famous musician do you want to marry? Don't be daft.

46. Favourite movie soundtrack? The Draughtsman's Contract.

47. Any musician pet hates? I really prefer music that works at the edge of whatever it's doing. So people who deliberately seek the easier and popular wind me up.

48. What do your parents listen to? My father listens to lots of Scottish dance music and some country; my mother likes light classical but never puts music on herself.

49. What are you listening to right NOW? THIS SECOND? I'm still not listening to music, just the same as the last two times you asked.

50. Do you wear band T-shirts? Yup, if I like the shirt.

51. What do you think of people who do? It's a bit sad, particularly the practice of buying a shirt and changing into it right there and then.

52. What music sub-culture do you feel like you belong to? folk festival attendees.

53. What song is stuck in your head right now? the Tripod song I mentioned earlier.

54. Do you sing in the shower? a bit but not much.

55. If so, what? I'm pulling together a serious set of songs that I might do in floor spots, because I've been intimidated by the quality at my local folk club and I'm buggered if I'm going to sing unless I'm at least as good as they are. So when I sing I'm normally singing one of those, or thinking about songs I might sing and wondering if I can.

56. Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself? Be one. Duh; who'd want to live with an arty obsessive who never does any housework because they're fiddling with their latest song?

57. How important is your partner's taste in music to you? Very.

58. Hanson moves in next door to you. Do you go introduce yourself, or do you arrange to beat them up? Who?

59. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, you dig? Hmm. Perhaps not in fact.

60. Do you cook to music? Pretty much; normally just Party Shuffle.

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