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AKICIF: well, all sorts of stuff
OK. What's the best way to sell a sort of battered car?

For that matter, what's the best way to sell an enormous pile of variegated tat. Christmas tree stands, Powerbook RAM, odd cables, god only knows what else?

If lightbulbs randomly blow in my study, what might it mean?

Suppose I'm pissed off with the fact that my broadband connection offers umpty um megabytes of download, but will not upload at more than 11.2k/second. I don't mind it being asynchronous, but is there a way (in London) to get a connection that's, say, a 4:1 ratio rather than a 20:1?

Would it be excessive to buy an Mac mini just so that I can view torrents on the TV rather than having to watch them on the iMac?

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re: selling stuff

You could try Craigslist.org; success would depend on how many folks in your area participate.

Car: dunno. You are encumbered by laws that I wot not.
Selling: notices at local uni. Bundle stuff for a fiver.
Lights: are they on a separate circuit to the rest of the study? To the other lights? What do they share theire power with? Noisy line == surges == unhappy. Not practical to filter the supply for lights. Maybe someone sells higher current lights? Swap away from incandescents?
Broadband: 11k up is way too low. Are you unintentionally choking it? (Check eg Azureus prefs.) Does your isp do network shaping? Can they change it, or can you change isp? Do you have a physical filter on the broadband line? Maybe http://www.dslreports.com/tools can help?
Mini: no, it would not be excessive. Managing your use of space is important, and having a study for study and a telly area for telly is a good choice. Minis are cheap and robust.

It appears that rubbish uploads are standard in the UK. Everyone advertises on download speeds.

Yeah - I have the same experience with NTL cable. I often need to upload to my web server and that speed is crap.

Even worse is when I (rarely) do some file sharing then the quality of the connection goes really downhill - even though I am only transferring (say) 10kB/s down, and 6 kB/s up.

I have a 50/50 chance of this comment working ok.

Selling: Loot http://www.loot.com/, car boot sale, Ebay?
Lights: Maybe a short circuit somewhere. What sort of bulbs? I have 60W R80 spots in my hallway and they go with annoying frequency.

Re: Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?


Powerbook RAM

If it's of a vintage for a TiBook, and in 512Mb chunks or higher, then the best way would be for me to make you an offer. :-)

I fear not. In fact, how I got it is that Steve Davies was sold 1Gb of ram allegedly for his TiBook, which turned out to be not suitable for his TiBook. But it *was* suitable for my Alu book. So I bought it off him. So it's 2 x 256 chunks of Alu book RAM, as previously found in my laptop.

Car: how old? What? Dealer if you don't want the best price but to save work, otherwise www.autotrader.co.uk, I expect. That's where we buy old cars, at any rate.

Tat: Ebay it?

R Reg Renault Scenic. Rather beaten up in various ways due to being parked on the mean Walthamstow streets for the last 7 years. Runs fine except when it doesn't.

I'm thinking of doing a car boot sale soon - selling of course, not just buying.

I'm trying to think up a joke about bohemiancoast selling first the Renault boot at a car boot sale, and then selling the rest of it, but it's bootless so I give up.

You do sometimes see people turning up in a car which is for sale - but I doubt that the sale actually goes through then and there.

Lights: we have similar problems in our (1950s) house. When talking to Mike Moir he told me that he and Debby had also had similar problems in their (much older) house, which they were in any case getting rewired. Some of the wires were damaged / decaying; this led to sparking and surges/power drops inside the wall wiring, and this was wearing out bulbs. How old is your house? And when was it wired? Are other things on the same circuit affected?

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