Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

AKICIF: well, all sorts of stuff

OK. What's the best way to sell a sort of battered car?

For that matter, what's the best way to sell an enormous pile of variegated tat. Christmas tree stands, Powerbook RAM, odd cables, god only knows what else?

If lightbulbs randomly blow in my study, what might it mean?

Suppose I'm pissed off with the fact that my broadband connection offers umpty um megabytes of download, but will not upload at more than 11.2k/second. I don't mind it being asynchronous, but is there a way (in London) to get a connection that's, say, a 4:1 ratio rather than a 20:1?

Would it be excessive to buy an Mac mini just so that I can view torrents on the TV rather than having to watch them on the iMac?

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