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Eastercon Memberships
We have two attending memberships (and two child memberships) for Concussion, and we aren't going to be going. So we'd like to sell them if possible. If you need memberships, or if you know anyone who does, can you let me know? Attending memberships are currently £55 each and kids are a fiver. But we'd be happy with £80 for the two attending memberships.

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How come you're not going?

The £50/night surcharge for 2 kids staying in the hotel shocked us a bit, and then we totted up the total cost and it shocked us rather a lot. So we decided to do something different instead that will suit the kids rather better.

Andy was looking for a membership - but he may have got it from Sneerpout..

Indeed I have. Well, I sent her the cash - I'll drop her a line to make sure she got it!

Sorry to hear you won't be there though - I was looking forward to saying hi.

You could ask fracture242 if she's bought memberships yet. She's a student, so she'd probably be grateful for the discount.

I'll drop her a comment too, and tell her to contact you.

Students get in at concessionary rate, £27.50 for a full attending membership. Not wishing to stop a sale for bc, but thought f242 might prefer a bigger discount...

Ah, thank you for pointing that out. I'll e-mail Nadia just to make sure she knows.

Do you still have one of those memberships abvailable? I may be able to get away to Glasgow...

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