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Last call for dodgy cable tat
If anyone wants any of the dodgy cable tat, can you let me know? Because anything not claimed will shortly be going in the bin. Though I did like the idea of a League of Fan Funds Superfluous Technology Bran Tub.

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You had a cigar-socket firewire charger listed, which I don't need and can't use. But if you happen to find a cigar-socet USB charger, I would be very interested.

Ha! You and me both. I have firewire chargers, and I have iPod dock chargers, and I have gameboy chargers. But if I had a USB charger, it would then do *everything else*.

The huge mouse/trackball thing was offered once before and I asked for it as I thought it would be useful for my niece. It was put aside for me but never got handed on and she's using a normal mouse happily now anyway. But at the time you first offered it you also offered one of those stainless steel things for getting the smell of onion off your hands when cooking. Do you still have that? Can I have it? If not I'll go and buy one.

No, that's a different huge mouse. Hmm. Stainless steel thing? I am not sure. I will have a root around in the cellar.

If the graphics tablet is still going, I have a friend who could make use of it...

It's yours and I've put it with Alex's stuff.

If you keep it til you see me I can take it to work who will use what's useful and the rest goes to a company that recycles.

Brilliant! Thanks. 'When we see you' should be in the next week or so as we gather fan funds tat, give you outgrown clothes (all pink and purple with some denim...) and so on.

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