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Anyone out there with Demon?
OK. I have a friend, Gail WINOLJ, who has a Demon Tenner-a-Month account. She is thinking of moving to broadband. However, the Demon Home Broadband at £20 per month doesn't include any webspace. Of course, Gail is a longstanding Demon customer and already has a little webpage on her free TAM webspace.

1. Can this be true? Is Demon offering an upgrade with a substantially reduced standard of service?

2. Does anyone know whether ringing Demon and saying 'I was thinking of upgrading to your broadband but losing my tiny little bit of webspace is sort of a dealbreaker for me; isn't there something we can do about it?' has any effect at all?

What other options does she have? Paying £5/month for webspace as an addon seems kinda gouging to be honest. Might something like Google Page Creator fit the bill?

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Re: General Thoughts

I haven't asked, but I suspect so. In theory all you need is an account with them, but I suspect their internal accounting needs something to tie the purchase to.

You could buy something like marcusr.co.uk for a fiver a year, build the new sites there, and just redirect one of the forgottenfutures domains at it temporarily while you transfer the new code to the permanent site.

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