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Elephant videos: Mostly for Ulrika
Here's a video of the elephant walking:


and one of the little girl on the Routemaster bus:


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Wow. I want one of those!

That elephant (from the first video, especially) is simultaneously very, very cool and very, very creepy. Wouldn't want to meet that in a dark alley.

Luckily, it wouldn't fit into a dark alley...

WOOOOW.And look at that blue sky.. i wish I'd gone!
How does it WORK?? How tall is it? who is paying for it? and why??

And does the elephant eat the lttle girl?!

Lovely stuff. Oh, I found the pics and video clips from last year in Natntes, here.

Golly. The movement of the ears is amazingly realistic. I think it's because they used leather or fabric or whatever for the body of the ear, so it lags and flaps after the "cartilaginous" tops just the way real elephant ears do. And the forced air through the trunk! That's marvelous. I do wish I could have been there -- it seems like the spectacle of a lifetime.

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