Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote,

Twas on a Monday morning...

The Story so far:

First the washing machine stopped working. So we got a little man in.

He sucked in his teeth sharply. Our bearings had gone. He'd order a part.

Two weeks later, someone came with the part. He spent two hours fitting the part. He then fired up the machine and concluded our shaft had gone and the machine was a write off.

So we went and chose a new washing machine. Delivery was booked for today.

The little man turned up, sucked in his teeth sharply, and explained that the new hose had a water safety device fitted and so wouldn't fit through the holes in the sides of our kitchen cabinet.

So we carved a bigger hole.

And have discovered that although the water safety device will fit on the end of the pipe, the washer cannot be pushed all the way into the space. Which means our dishwasher door won't open fully because the washing machine gets in the way. So we need to cut the end of the pipe off. Or add extra hose (except that the implication is that the safety device is supposed to go on to the mains pipe directly).

And so it goes...

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