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Bug for TAFF!
Bug -- our beloved bugshaw -- is running for TAFF! And I am one of her nominators, so I'd strongly recommend all of you to vote for her. Why? Because she is charming, entertaining and interesting. And she has paid her dues; Eastercons (including this year's), fanzines, loads of work behind the scenes, and generally all round good egg. Oh yes, and she loves admin. What more could you want?

Edit: You can vote in TAFF by downloading the ballot from here or the pdf version here, filling it in, enclosing your money, and posting the entire form (you remember posting, don't you?) to your nearest TAFF administrator -- their addresses are on the ballot. You have to be known to be a science fiction fan to vote; the exact details are, again, on the ballot. Don't delay! Vote Today!

Now that the Bug for TAFF! fanzine has been distributed (thanks swisstone!), you might also like to look at the cover I did for it.

And I should defintely plug plokta.con pi: the Dangercon, taking place next Saturday, 27 May at the Horseshoe Inn in London SE1. That date is also the TAFF deadline (at 9pm) -- so the plan is to count votes and tell you the result before midnight. Come along, it's only £3 and it will be cool. There's a great looking programme, too.

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Not going to make the con - any way to vote on-line?

No there isnt, I am afraid.

You can download the form, TODAY and if you post it first class on Monday it should be to the Crydon address, well by Wednesday.

Which is time enough.

Oops! I need to do an edit!

Now that the Bug for TAFF! fanzine has been distributed

I suppose one had to be at the First Thursday meeting to collect a copy. But we've voted, anyway. (For the correct candidate, naturally!)

Er, no... I got mine in the post this morning which is how I know it had gone out.

Which prompted me to go check my mail, and.. yes!

Terrific cover, both in terms of concept and execution. I think you'll find the Lesser Spotted Abigail is now extinct, by the way, whilst the Half-Timbered Tudor Moth is increasingly rare because it's attracted not to bright lights, but to glasses of beer. As for the Common Irish Loon, I once found one nesting on a Corby trouser press, and ended up throwing the whole shebang out a hotel window.

Golly. I'd forgotten producing that illo for the inside back cover.

Good to see this version of the cover, the names are a bit difficult to read on the paper version.

Bug for TAFF!

Why is it that some years we have to twist arms to get anyone at all to run for fan funds but other years (like this one) have outstanding candidates competing against each other? *sigh*

Its up to people themselves to put themselves forward.
Every year there are many people who would make GREAT candidiates who either refuse to consider it or are not bothered.

In saying that, on average there seems to always be a cycle of busy to quiet.

No idea I suppose


I just LOVED seeing that cover. Fabulous.

(And yes, my ballot is mailed!)

I just LOVED seeing that cover. Fabulous.

Me too. Thanks everso for doing it!

Have a fab gear time at plokta.con pi. We will think of you in Madison, as we drink the not-at-all bad midwestern beers.

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