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Eurostar Quest
The underground is full of ads with very easy puzzles leading to the website jointhequest.com. I tentatively visited and discovered that it's a Qwyzzle-like quest puzzle. It benefits from a fast computer; it drags on Safari on my laptop, but runs quickly on the medium-speed games PC. There are lots of prizes!

It's beautifully designed and very diverting, but I didn't find the puzzles particularly hard.

Tip: register under a false name and address the first time. You only get three goes at the prize puzzles, which are timed and repay practice. So someone cleverer than me would have a practice go, and then register properly for a real attempt. Too late for me.

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The first set of puzzles are very easy, but I'm having slightly more difficulty on the second tier, mostly because of the damn sliding block puzzle, which I am terrible at.

I got lucky the first time I did the prize puzzle and had all yellow and green lights from the start, which makes it a lot easier. My best time was just under 40 seconds.

Yes. They say archly that 'chance has no role in this quest', but it's bollocks really, especially for the prize puzzles.

The sliding block puzzle is my very favourite; it probably helps if you know a little bit about sliding block puzzles.

"You must be aged 18 or over at 0600 GMT on $number May, 2006."


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