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My default icon now violates LJ's Terms of Service while making the particular point I'm trying to impress upon them. I await my suspension notice eagerly.

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I suspect that even if someone were to complain--the Abuse Team is too busy for what is reported to them, let alone scanning the database on their own time--they'd say "not a human nipple, not a problem." Maybe I should look for a picture of a cat or chimp nursing and test this.

No, no, it's got a human nipple! It's an animation, you may need to reload. I did download various pictures of piglets, cows and chimps before deciding on the bottle/breast combo.

Ah. Thanks for clarifying. I clicked on your userinfo, and what I saw as the default was the familiar interspecies sex (bee and flower). I'd need to fiddle with my settings to see the animation (I leave it off by default because of my subtly defective neurology).

It's lovely! And very much to the point. Well done.

(Deleted comment)
Frame it I would think.

I await my suspension notice eagerly.

As do I...


Wish my boobs looked like that...

They could! If you were (a) in a painting (medieval artists retouched too you know) and (b) not breastfeeding twins...

I know it goes that extra bit over the top, but here's why.

Oh! Baby love!

That's a gorgeous photo.

May I include this icon in ProMoM's Banned Icons gallery?


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