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Current linguistic tropes examined

So, there we are, sitting in a row on the sofa like the Simpsons. Marianne's excitement is palpable. Suddenly she turns to us.

"The planet's breaking up... And not in a good way."

OK. So what sort of world do we live in, where our tiny children have become post-ironic?

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Thank you for that. Much laughter resulted.

Have you by chance exposed Marianne to Buffy? Or The Simpsons? (The answer should be "yes" to the latter, if not both.)

Yes to the Simpsons, no to Buffy, which I do think she is rather too young for at the moment.

I'm trying to think how old M is right now (she's always seemed quite old for her age, if you get my drift), but keeping Buffy as a future treat sounds a wise move. The Simpsons, on the other hand, strikes me as required viewing for entry into the 21st Century.

She's 9, and is a mixture of wildly grownup and wildly childish.

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