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12:01 am
I've missed you...

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And we missed you too.

Of course, you'll be gone within days once your suspension notice hits...

Yes. Well. I hadn't actually remembered that as I aggregate every RSS feed I read through my LJ friends list, I was actually cutting off my entire online life.

So, yes, I do need to work out whether I'm going to cave if I get a suspension notice.

Or, you could start aggregating RSS feeds through an RSS client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or RSSreader. Apparently if you use Opera you can view friends-locked entries on the RSS feed, too.

I'd need the friends-locked posts, and I need to be able to post as well as read of course.

I aggregate every RSS feed I read through my LJ friends list

Yup, me too. Logging in and viewing My LJ (portal, as was) to see truncated versions of the latest five entries didn't help, either.

I've tried other aggregators (I've two set up at the moment), but I prefer the look of the friends page.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Yes, I'm literal-minded

While I sympathize with your point, my immediate reaction to your icon is to note that almost nobody removes her trousers or skirt in order to breastfeed.

Re: Yes, I'm literal-minded

Blame dougs.

Re: Yes, I'm literal-minded

Erm, I think you'll find that this is because babies don't suckle from down there, people tend to be older before they start sucking down there!
Probably "without exposing their nipples" wouldn't fit ;)

But, what's the story? Are you still under threat of suspension? Or did LJ have a rethink?

Crazy(She asks, naively)Soph

You are so right, fwiw

Gee, I go to a convention and don't get back to read anything online for a week, and all hell breaks loose. Spent an hour-plus on Making Light and various links to get up to speed on this. I have to go watch tv now.

Maybe will find & scan ancient baby pix, in solidarity.

Likewise! Though I enjoyed reading you over at Making Light. (Well done!)

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