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Holy Cow
OK, so I walked out of the tube towards my office this morning and nearly walked straight into one of the cow parade cows. It was, well, just standing there by the entrance to Embankment Gardens. It's a great cow. If only I'd had a Sony NR-70V, I'd have been able to include a photo of it in this article.

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Oh I so want to be in London!

I was in Toronto during the outdoor Moose-eum, and that was great. There's nothing like walking around the corner to find a brightly painted moose staring at you...

We would love to have seen the various fabulous moose across Toronto. bohemiancoast even wondered about buying one after the event, when they auctioned them off. I'm just imagining how different our garden would look.

I dimly recall that they were quite cheap all things considered (£200-£300 for pretty nice ones), but we would be looking at maybe £4000 transportation costs.

So there I was last night, in Picadilly Circus, looking at two cowparade cows, with my digital camera in my hand, and do I have a picture of the cows? Nope ... just pictures of my american friend in front of the fountain ... sorry ... maybe this evening ...

I've got a picture of me in front of a cow in Jersey if it helps:-) (well, actually dmw has..

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