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Theatre on a Midsummer's Night
I am going, tomorrow, with malwen, pmcmurray and munquie to see the Greek Theatre Players perform The Merry Wives of Windsor at Walthamstow School for Girls tomorrow night in the open air Greek Theatre there.

It's 7:30; we're gathering at 7:15 outside the school gates. Picnics and cushions are encouraged. Tickets are £7 adults, £4 children (though we are not bringing our children). The school is a very short walk from the tube station.

If anyone else would like to join us, they should comment, and arrive at the school on or around 7:15 tomorrow.

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Have fun but pack your waterproofs.

FF, wearing a sweatshirt and pants, it's cold up here in t'frozen north and I believe it's heading your way.

If the weather is cack we will turn tail, come back here, drink beer and watch Dr Who.

Unless it pours down, we'll be there. Could you send me your mobile number?

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