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So. Marianne and Jonathan nearly fell of their chairs laughing at the Cybermen Spamalot video. So we checked, and they have, as far as we can tell, no exposure to Monty Python at all. Apart from, of course, that Marianne came home with a load of spelling words on the theme of argument three weeks ago ("pros, cons, argument, assertion, contradiction..." and so on) and so I played her the argument sketch, after which she wrote her homework in the style of. So on hearing that Spamalot is by the same people, she has concluded that Monty Python must be the funniest thing ever.

Poll #772779 Bad Parenting

Would showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail (15) to my 9 and 5 year-old be:

bad parenting
very bad parenting
parental choice in action
expanding young minds by exposing them to their cultural heritage
something else which I will explain in comments

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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If you show Python to them when young you rob them of the experience of finding it for themselves when they are teenagers. Bad mother!

What do you mean they've never heard of Python?? You wicked, wicked parents!

The Flying Circus is PG-rated - why not start them out on that, instead of giving them a 15-rated movie to watch? I mean, I greatly prefer the TV stuff to the movies anyway, but it seems to make more sense to me. And Now For Something Completely Different is also a PG.

So that's four DVDs of Python goodness which would be suitable before you hit the higher rated material. :)

'Do Not Adjust Your Set' was a direct precursor to Monty Python and it's a kid's programme.

And when their friends all go through the standard Python phase at thirteen they'll be able to wrinkle their noses, shrug and say 'meh, I preferred their earlier stuff.'

This is a really good plan. Of course, DNAYS is *also* a 15 rating...

update: Just got a copy for pink_sweater_uk's birthday. The box definitely says 'PG'. No idea why it says '15' on play.com.

Could be wrong but their respective ages just seem a bit young to appreciate large swathes of it. It might just be old and familiar by the time the get quite sophisticated enough to understand why it's funny, and that would be a shame. Then again, you know your kids.

9 is borderline for HG - not for any rude or questionable content, but for the sheer enjoyment of it. At 9, they'll laugh when 'shit' is said but, let's be honest, unless your child is the reincarnation of Marx there are large amounts of the peasant scene that will mean sod all.

At 5, it's going to go right over the head. Not to mention the rabbit scene or the Black Knight. They, while obviously over the top to us, may be seen differently by a 5-year old.

Why not wait until they are a bit older and can actually enjoy it? If you show it to them now, you risk making it "That film we got forced to watch that didn't make any sense." and possibly killing it for them.

Bad parenting? Not at all. But the kids may just be too young to get it.

others have already replied far better than I could.

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