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Learn a new skill every day
At Strawberry Fair, Marianne tugged on my sleeve urgently. "Can I have a hair wrap, Mummy?" Oh, I should think so. We investigated how much they were. "Five pounds". Five POUNDS? Steven calculated the hourly wage of hair wrappers. It's impressive. Marianne got her hair wrap, after a complicated discussion about pocket money and subsidy and so on. And I fell to thinking. But I didn't do anything more about it.

Until this afternoon, when Steven did a websearch for hair wrapping instructions, and I pulled out the piles of embroidery thread. Marianne now has a second hair wrap. Much less expert than the first. But no fiver, and the next one will be better. Though if I make a habit of it, I'll have to go and buy the exact right sort of embroidery thread in girly colours. I guess the average cost of raw ingredients for a hair wrap is about tuppence.

Marianne shows off Mummy's first attempt at hairwrapping

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And, if you can do hair wraps, you can do friendship bracelets, too - bargin skill! I've got sokme girlie coloured silks, somewhere - I'll look them out

I used to sell friendship bracelets and do hair wraps in the park. I charged a buck each, until someone told me that was too low, so I upped it to $5, and then someone told me that $10 was the going rate for custom hair-wraps, so. About the same. :->

Agreed, learning to do friendship bracelets is a wonderful skill; Marianne's probably not too young! It helped me a lot with hand-eye coordination, and it's a good quiet task that can be taken with anywhere for working on in spare moments while Waiting For Something (assuming you have a suitable safety pin for attaching it to the knee of her jeans).

I recommend the Klutz book for basic technique, though they don't get far enough into what you can do with color patterns on a basic knotted background, imho.

I used to spend ages making the knotted sort of freindship bracelets, I wonder if I still could! Charity shops are usually good for embroidery threads, left over from all those projects people start then give up on! But well done you!

I thought you'd be there somewhere

But we missed you somehow, can't imagine how, it's not as if it was really busy!

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