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Pointy rocket thing

Gosh! Look what Pat brought me back from Anaheim!


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Heh. You don't look happy or anything!


WooHOO! Congratulations again!

Ooh, it matches your wardrobe, how handy!


And congratulations [g]

A backyard Hugo ceremony -- what a great idea! Congrats!

Step away from the weapon of mass destruction!!!!

*applause* I am so happy for you guys. You really deserve it. :)

And now you should be able to see the award presentation, once YouTube makes it available for viewing. Sorry for the wobble and focus problems. It's a handheld camera that can also shoot video, and it kept trying to focus on people in the foreground. (I haven't found the manual focus control, if it exists.)

Oooh, that's great! Thanks. Hmm. Perhaps we should have given Pat a speech.

Congratulations cabal! Did Pat get all the fingerprints off that one? People were posing for pictures with it at the after-party; I accused him of charging 50p a go and he said "Oooh! what a good idea!"

Yes, it arrived beautifully shiny.

Just who is that handsome zombie?

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