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OK. So do loads of you guys have Vox accounts? And have you taken the same user ID as your LiveJournal, or a different one? Isn't this just a naked attempt to get us hooked on a different blogging system, and then start charging us for it because LJ simply doesn't make enough money?

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Loads of me doesn't, so no, but quite probably.

I have a Vox account, so I could grab andrewducker. But I have no intention of switching over, as the functionality of the LJ friends groups/filters would suddenly cease to work. If they ran off of the same security system then I'd be tempted to at least give it a go, but as it is I don't really see the point - what is there that LJ doesn't do that I can't live without?

And it's not like LJ has stopped being updated - the new ESN system is proof that they're still enthusiastically adding new functionality.

Well, that was sort of my view. But nevertheless, I have grabbed [myrealname], [thenameofmyblog] and bohemiancoast, and I'm vaguely considering grabbing [mydomainname] as well. Though that might be obsessive.

Vox automatically flags whether people are friends, family or something else, and has read filters ready set up; they've also got a quickread page that allows you to burn through a pile of posts to make sure that none of your friends posted that they were joining the Foreign Legion while you were away for the weekend. Because I currently aggregate *everything* on my LJ friends list I would really like that feature.

Is the "quickread" page different to having a friends filter? I currently have filters set up for "important" (for people I know well enough that not knowing they've joined the foreign legion would be a faux pas), "cool" (for people that write interesting things), "Edinburgh" (for local people I see occasionally, plus local communities), "People" (for people I want to generally keep up with) and MorePeople (for people I check in on very occasionally, when there's nothing good on TV/YouTube). Plus a variety of others.

Anyway - would having quickread be the same as going to andrewducker.livejournal.com/friends/important? Or is it better than that?

No, it's just the same apart from not having to set up the filters. Because life is too short.

I don't, tho' I'm tempted to just to grab my name and domain name.

LJ would have to seriously break in some way for me to actually want to up sticks and I guess I wouldn't necessarily go to Vox if it did.

I can't imagine many things happening that would make me want to leave LJ, and because I'm quite laid-back about these things everyone else I wanted to talk to would have doubtless left first. I'd just go where they'd all dispersed to, I suppose, which looking at current opinions wouldn't be vox. I have no clue what it would be.

Yes, sort of, yes.

That help?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
What about the ability to edit one's comments?

Imagine the Drama on that! :-D

What about the ability to edit one's comments

Never, ever, ever, ever going to happen.

I have a vox, with the same name as this. But vox is crap; it doesn't render correctly in windows which are less than about a thousand pixels wide (and I routinely browse in 700-pixel windows); there's no mechanism for filtering beyond the friends/family/neighbours groups; and you can't comment on comments, only on the top-level post. They have about four years of development to do before it has the function of LJ.

(Deleted comment)
Because too damn many of the LJ user base are permanent members or ad-resitant, and hence delivering no income. So they market LJ as suitable for freaks and teenagers (ie not normal folk), and encourage everyone else to use revenue-generating Vox.

Can't comment on comments? Well, what a crock.

wasn't impressed with vox, but set up an account with this id anyway, just to make sure that if I ever *did* want to switch (and LJ promised to transfer my permanent account) I could Be Myself.

So far the only advantage I have found is squid. (Unaccountably not ported to LJ). And that doesn't really make up for the discomfort of the interface after 4+ years of (multiple) LJ.

My experiences on Blogspot (book reviews) made me appreciate the ease of feedback and sense of community on LJ. I don't especially want to relinquish that.

I've got filkerdave on vox, I barely use it.

I colour myself very not impressed.

I have Vox, but I do not use Vox. I like having the option to use Vox and the opportunity to see what it's like, but all my friends are on LJ or MySpace so I'll stick with LJ for actually caring and MySpace for checking once in a blue moon.

They are trying to bring new things out to make more money. They're a business - that's what businesses do.

I got Vox out of curiosity, LJ is the only other blogging tool I've ever used. I'm using it more than I thought I would. As a recipe database and to comment on recipes I discover and test. I think I assume some people are reading it, but it's for me, I don't care. It did let me have "sofa" though, which is nice.

But as a community tool it sucks big ones. No proper threading of discussions, for a start.

And I want to bring up a Tag (like "chicken") and search Within Results for another Tag (like "under 500" or "russian").

I grabbed ckd to have it, but I don't use Vox. (One post, a placeholder, saying "hey, go to LJ".)

No, no, yes.

I'm on LJ because all my friends blogs (or their RSS feeds) are on LJ. I don't go reading any other blogs on purpose - I will follow links to other blogs if someone on my friends list points to something that looks interesting.

So, I'm not leaving unless my friends decide to leave - and I don't see that happening.

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