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More on the Adelphi
I hadn't seen this story reported anywhere on LJ

Eileen Downey cleared of racism.

Separately, I've had a quick chat with Chris WINOLJ, who's been chatting to Eileen about all the stuff the Adelphi is doing to sort out security.

Chris mentioned that lots of people she'd expect to have joined by now haven't. Although part of this is likely to be worries about the Adelphi, I suspect it's mostly that people had got used to a two year cycle and haven't noticed the con's only a few months away. Like, um, me.

The guests are really interesting people: Judith Clute, Peter Dickinson, Robin McKinley and Sharyn November (sdn, who is very very cool indeed).

I'm pretty keen on the idea of an Eastercon in Liverpool, which remains one of my very favourite convention cities, with loads of great restaurants on the doorstep. Cheap rooms (£35pppn) and the Adelphi's classic great cheap food.

Do all come please!

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Hmmm. I never actually picked it up. Methinks that the Echo buried in the site at the time, or I was busy in work. I just assumed she was found not guilty and they hadn't reported it in disappointment.

I keep thinking I should get a membership, but there's so many cons I want to do next year, and because of the one year cycle Convoy is £55 to join with no discounts, so I end up thinking about it some more and not doing anything. If I'm going I'll definitely join before Novacon.

I'll probably get round to joining when my new contract's sorted (it's all gone suddenly up in the air), but I'll treat the con hotel like a festival camp site and bring nothing I either can't carry with me or won't miss.

i want people to join so i can meet them!

p.s. thanks. i am uncool.

While we're not likely to come, I want to do a "Me, too" about how very, very cool sdn is.

Well, they've made it rather difficult for people not living in the UK to purchase memberships because they refuse to use PayPal and the alternatives are both annoying and expensive. I *may* be there but I'm not buying a membership in advance.


If you want to paypal, then paypal me the money and I'll get you the memberships.

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