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Well, I did. And I'm dead proud of myself because I haven't done so for about 15 years. Plus it was not one, but two of my 101 things, because I've successfully given a sample for the bone marrow register too.

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Telling them that I wanted to join the register when I gave blood! They just took an extra blood sample, which I didn't notice cos I was wired in anyway. The difficulty comes if you're identified as a potential match, in which case you have to have various more complex things done -- so you need to know you're comfortable with that before signing up.

More here: http://www.blood.co.uk/pages/marrow_info.html

One of the things they'll check is if you're CMV+, carrying a fairly widespread but generally harmless retrovirus which unfortunately tends to flare up in people taking immunity-suppressing drugs. If you are they can't use your bone marrow - unfortunately I am, so I can only give blood and they can't use it for certain types of immune-deficiency treatment.

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