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Jim Moray accompanies himself on Lemady.

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Oh, damn! I might have known he'd do that when I wasn't there....

It was generally great in fact; Jamie Delarre (the fiddler out of Mawkin) and Nick Cooke (melodeon & concertina) are both very good instrumentalists and their not-very-showy but very solid playing meant that Jim had plenty of scope to shine as a singer and pianist, and (with one slightly embarrassing exception) wasn't trying so hard to be a rock god.

Set list: Nightvisiting, Whitby Lad, Early One Morning, Sweet England, Lord Bateman (all of those with Jamie & Nick), then Gilderoy, Lemady, Gypsies and Spencer the Rover on his own, then Fair & Tender Lovers, Lord Willoughby and Two Sisters with the band. Encores were Poverty Knock & Almost Lucy.

I remain a massive fan of the Spitz, even if they didn't provide Jim with a piano stool, forcing him to sit on crates.

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