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Hot gorilla action
So, while I was slaving over the Most Boring Essay Ever, malwen and the kids went off into central London to see the Great Gorilla Run, featuring lots of people in gorilla suits. One of whom was darth_tigger.

gorilla number 98 in traditional display of monkey agression

This one's actually very fortuitous, because Steven didn't know which gorilla was Jess until afterwards.

Here she is safely degorillafied afterwards.

And this is just in case darth_tigger wants a commemorative icon.

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Hot in the therm sense of the word too I imagine. Well done the gorillas!

Brilliant photos! I didn't realise he'd managed to get one of me running. Just coming up to the finish line there I think.

It was a splendid day, much fun, and splendid to see people I knew at the end. I'm planning on doing it again next year, if you want to join me...

Many thanks for the icon!

Care to try explaining this Great Gorilla Run thing? It is indeed, as it appears, a foot race where all the participants are in gorilla suits? Is there something more to it than that (charity fund-drive, TV/movie tie-in, etc.)? Or is the spectacle of people running through the streets in gorilla suits enough in and of itself?

<-- is confused.

I am sorely tempted to direct you to check out this page.

But instead, I'll suggest you try The Gorilla Organisation instead.

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