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Current social mores: talking at concerts
Poll #839058 I just want to kill one to encourage the others poll

You are watching a live band. Is it acceptable to carry on a conversation in low tones (not whispering) during their set?

No. What do you take me for?
Yes, if it's at a festival.
Yes, if the band is incidental entertainment that you're not paying for.
Yes, if it's a standing venue.
Only if they're bad.
Yes, if it's the support band and you're here to see the main act.
Yes, if it's the main act and you're the support band's mum (hello Tiny Tin Lady)
Something else which I shall explain in comments.

OK. So everyone in the room is here to see this particular band, and you paid £18 each. Now should you be chattering?

No, of course not.
Yes, why not? Everyone else does.
Yes, cos nobody can hear you anyway.
Something else I shall mention in comments.

Can I brutally murder one of the people talking during the quieter bits of Bellowhead, just to encourage the others?

Go for it.
Sadly not.
It's too late now.
There are quiet bits in Bellowhead?

But perhaps you find different things irritating:

People who appear to be trying to video the entire gig on a mobile phone
People who dance as if they're suffering from severe muscle spasms
People who are sniffy about talking because they're recording the show
Something else which I shall explain in comments

Clicky thing?

Coconut shells

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It's acceptable to try and talk during Gogol Bordello. Even you won't be able to work out what you are saying.

I'd say it depends on the volume of the concert. Want to talk at a Nine Inch Nails concert? Not a problem, you're not affecting anyone, especially those of us in the front 60 feet.

Want to talk at a Tindersticks concert? Not so appropriate, as everyone will be able to hear you, and they're trying to ignore the outside world and be drawn into the music.

Actually, I'm not sure about the first one, because even loud bands have quiet bits -- cf Bellowhead. Plus people have to shout to be heard at loud bands, and then other people can hear. And I probably should have included 'Yes, if you're standing at the bar' in the first question, and 'People who sing along out of key' in the other irritations question.

(Deleted comment)
when it is a very loud band and you're not right in the front it's okay to talk, i think, as long as you speak directly in someone's ear. otherwise: no.

you didn't mention drunken yelling idiots ("play [song name]!") or obsessive fanboys or people who make out and block your view, or the many others who should be shot in the head. if someone doesn't like a band, s/he should leave, not talk audibly about how bad it is.

can you tell i have seen a lot of bands?

If it's incidental entertainment --e.g. if it's a dinner with the band playing as background music-- yes. Whether or not I'm paying for it is irrelevant.

I agree with you on incidental entertainment -- I was thinking about the band that's playing in the corner of the pub you happen to be at, but live music in restaurants is also a good example.

Define 'conversation'. The temptation to have a general chat or discussion, even of the quality of the set, should be resisted. Extended conversations should be right out - basic politeness to others.

I tend to be unirritated by brief exchanges though, whether along the lines of 'I'm off to the loo - hold my spot' 'OK' or 'Jesus look at that freak! He dances like your Auntie Meg on speed' 'Where?' 'Next to the twit in the tutu' etc.. Other people may well disaggree but my irritation threshold is usually only triggered when conversations start to go on a bit.

Plus £18 for a concert?!?!? Even taking into account the sterling/euro differential that would be deeply bargain basement prices here. Sighs! You don't want to know what the average gig here runs to - which is why I don't go to gigs much anymore.

Where are you? My general rule of thumb is that the quality of concerts is a direct inverse relationship to their price. So, for example, *VERY FAMOUS BAND PAST THEIR PRIME IN FOOTBALL STADIUM* costs £90 a ticket and will be shite; *UP AND COMING FOLK SINGER IN THE PUB* will be a fiver and will be brilliant. Bellowhead are a bit of an exception to that -- £18 is expensive, but there are 11 of them. Typically we're probably paying £15-£20 for concerts in theatres and £8-£12 for concerts in pubs and standing venues. And this is London, not exactly a cheap city.

Ireland. The sterling/euro exchange makes yours sound cheaper than it really is but I did a quick trawl of events going on and have found that prices have actually gone down since I stopped going to gigs. Wow! There's not a lot of difference between what you quote and what we get now. Most bigger venues cost around €40 to get into, more if you have to pay the so called 'booking fee' on top. MOR acts from Ireland seem to come in cheaper - €25 to €30. The VERY FAMOUS BAND price bracket seems to start here though with the only moderately famous. I remember some of Mr Wol's office mates paying €75 to go and see Tenacious D in Dublin about 4 years ago and that was not unusual pricing.

Actually, I'm sort of forgetting booking fees here, which do bump up some of those prices. They seem completely random. At Bellowhead the fees and charges worked out at £3 each, but I have other tickets that are sent out free with no booking fee, or with just £1/order for postage.

I'm with you on the "define conversation" bit. Short low voiced exchanges are fine, especially if it's "I'm off to the loo" and suchlike. Long chats about nothing belong in a pub or at home, not at a concert. Any conversation lasting longer than a minute should definitely be conducted outside, on pain of jeering.

I'm a fan of whispering between songs, but being there for the music, and believing that everyone else is also there for the music. Unfortunately, in one of our favorite standing-only venues, the best place for us to stand (given Soren's height) is on the balcony by the sound boards, which is where everyone who's too freaking cool to come for the music also stands. If homicide at concerts were permissable, there'd be a lot of corpses there.

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