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Life on Mars
So the Beeb is explaining that the next series of Life on Mars will be the last. And blow me, I had never noticed it existed, and it's got that sort of cute sfnal premise. Should I have been watching it all along?

Poll #840719 Life on Mars

Have I failed to notice something critical with "Life on Mars"?

Yes. What planet are you on?
Yes. Buy the DVD immediately!
Not really, it's overrated and the SF elements are crap
Not as good as Veronica Mars
Isn't that a song by David Bowie?

What would I miss most if I woke up in 1973?

Mobile phone
Remote controls
Tony Blair

Clicky thing?


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(Deleted comment)
Heath-kits here in the US had remotes as far back as '63. Spendy though.

A friend of mine had a remote control that was a 5ft pice of dowel rod.

Of course, ARPAnet already existed :-)

Is it me or you doing the missing in question 2? I assumed me, but the answer may well be the same.

Missing option ... 'Not as good as The Eyes Of laura Mars'

It's funny that everyone thinks you would miss the internet most in 1973. I remember pre-Internet and it wasn't that bad - if you wanted to meet people or find stuff out there were other ways to do it, even in a small town in the West of Ireland.

I figure the one thing you could find no reasonable subtitute for in 1973 and that would drive you bananas is Photoshop! You can do stuff in photoshop now, that a really gifted graphic designer / artist would be hard pushed to manage in ten times the time in 1973.

I think on the whole that if I were to wake up in a world without Photoshop now, I would draw. Although I've learnt a lot about Photoshop, I've also learnt a lot about how to see.

(Deleted comment)

My problem is that it is a bad 70s cop show (I like 70s cop shows) and that neither the 70s nor the 2000s cops are believeable as cops.

Also it was done far, far better in the (SFnal) one off play The Black and Blue Lamp on BBC2, which saw the van carrying the crook who shot George Dixon in The Blue Lamp to Dock Green crash, and be catapulted into an imaginary 1990s TV series called The Filth (and it was worth the licence fee for the credit sequence of The Filth alone.) Interestingly, this had the exact opposite premise of Life on Mars which is that all modern cops are politically correct and non-corrupt, and all the 70s cops are the opposite. Only in TB&BL this was meant to be how cops were viewed through the eye of the camera, while in Life on Mars this is, apparently, meant to be how real cops are/were. Ah, me.

Life On Mars is (probably) not SF, but it is good.

My iPod-a-like-but-better would push the Internet pretty close. I'd have to hear other people on the train - shudder!

If it was supposed to 'evoke' the Sweeney it failed miserably. The main 1970s cop in Life on Mars, Gene Hunt, is a corrupt brute. Jack Regan, however, though he did bend the rules to get at the truth, wasn't on the take and had a very keen understanding of human nature. Most of the violence in 'The Sweeney' is by the villains. In 'Life on Mars' it's hard to tell the difference.

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