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So, what better way to amuse myself after approx 72 hours of continuous Photoshopping than by carving a pumpkin? The pirate skull I grabbed the design from was really sinister, whereas this one seems quite jolly; I think he must be one of the undead pirates from POTC.

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Is 72 continous hours a personal record? Or have there been longer Photoshopping sessions in your repetoire?

As well as the cover, which is one of the more elaborate covers I've done, issue 36 of Plokta contains three other illustrations which under other circumstances might have been the cover: the bacover by Sue, the picture that we were planning to have as the cover except that the fanzine didn't come out in time for the wedding (for which the main source illo simply isn't big enough to really sustain A4, else I might have used it for the cover anyway. Though I adore the idea we eventually ran with and as a result have done a stonking illustration that's about ten times as saturated as I'm allowed to go on the cover: the rest of the cabal declared UDI and made me buy the ink and I am quite ashamed by how much it looks like it's going to cost.), and another illustration that would have been well up to cover standard five years ago but I think we've raised the bar since then.

The three I did were all basically done starting Thursday night, through all day Friday and Saturday till mid-afternoon, with the rest of the weekend devoted to tarting them up, doing the other more prosaic photoshopping required for the fanzine, writing an article, cooking a Minestrone, and drinking a large quantity of gin. I think this is substantially more Photoshop than I've ever done for a Plokta, but I'm getting faster as I go.

Luckily I have a good tablet now, otherwise I am sure my arms would be hurting. As it is my right hand is a tiny bit sore; I think mostly from the minestrone rather than mousing or typing. My left hand which is the one that really suffers in Photoshop, seems completely fine.

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