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Starbucks, Villiers Street, London
The nearest Starbucks to my office has closed very suddenly for 'refurbishment' after Starbucks was fined £12,000 due to a persistent infestation of mice. Despite 21 visits from Rentokil, environmental health officers found evidence of mice essentially everywhere. Although I do have some sympathy with anyone who's trying to get rid of the little blighters, I tend to think that if you pay a week's salary for a coffee it should essentially be rodent-free.

This is also the Starbucks that the Tony and Gordon show visited a couple of years ago.

I'll have a mouse and eggnog latte please.

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yuck! Yuck!! and say again, YUCK!

I'll have a mouse and eggnog latte please.

Cinnamon or cocoa on your mouse?

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