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(no subject)

Find one (or more) of your friends' icons. Photoshop a Santa hat onto it as badly as you like.

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You worry me. I might have to keep that for my "bah humbug!" posts.

What, rather than this one?

Oh, now that's just silly.

I may have to take it...

Oh, I like! I was wondering if I should get a new one or use the old one!

Pah - and you didn't do me and I have told everyone in the world I wanted one.

(I did the Flickr thing - but the result doesn't save, and I seem to have lost my copy of Paint to fiddle with it even if I PrintScreen it.)

I like Randy's best...

I did mean to do you, but didn't want to do any more cats... hang on...

How about that?

Makes me look like Zippy the Pinhead. Love it! (Also love the one of what's his face in MASTER AND COMMANDER. Ho ho ho blam!)

I don't think I've ever seen better dressed dog pooh!

This is getting to be a very admirable habit of yours. :)

I just love the seasonal Cyberman!

Well, you're very welcome to grab him, though I used him for this post because it took ages to draw all the hats on...

(Deleted comment)
I had something more like this in mind...

I have informed major_clanger of this - tiny little cap badge is sooo cuuuute!

Thank you, how considerate! I still use the one you did of me last year on a regular basis.

<< steals >>

A lot of last year's ones were rubbish though, and loads of people have changed their icons. I don't *think* I've done the same icon twice yet though...

Thanks very much! A truly wonderful present :-)

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