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Santa Hats for all
It struck me that there may be other people on LiveJournal, or MySpace, or some other online forum, who'd like a personalised Santa Hat icon. People I don't even know. NB: this doesn't apply to my friends, who are likely to get hats whether they want them or not. So I formulated a plan -- and if you think it's a good one, can you post in your own journal to direct people to come here?

If you would like me to do you a Santa hat icon, as modelled by everyone in this gallery

1) Give some money to a Christmas or other charity of your choice. If you're not sure, why not try one of these:

Child's Play
Terrence Higgins Trust
Science Fiction Foundation
Help a London Child
The Marine Conservation Society

2) Post a comment below, preferably using the icon you want behatted. No animations, sorry.
3) Wait...

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I know you already did mine (thanks!!) - just wanted to say, what a good idea!

What a great idea!

The monkey would love a Santa Hat. Contribution made to Caring Bridge, in memory of Anna Vargo and too many other friends and loved ones.

I'm actually away from my computer and Photoshop (and especially my Intuos tablet) at the moment; I'll be home mid-afternoon tomorrow & will do it then!

Friends can just ask you know. Anyway, sorry this took a while...


You did a great job. I was worried that it would be hard since the monkey's head is so high up in the image.

And while it's good to know that friends can just ask, I'd been meaning to donate to Caring Bridge for quite some time and just never getting around to it. Your "icon for a donation" offer helped me to two things I wanted -- Santa Monkey *and* the donation I wanted to make.

Who, me? Greedy? Well, yes, actually.

A good job as always. I've directed people over but I don't know if you get any customers.

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