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Santa Hats for all

It struck me that there may be other people on LiveJournal, or MySpace, or some other online forum, who'd like a personalised Santa Hat icon. People I don't even know. NB: this doesn't apply to my friends, who are likely to get hats whether they want them or not. So I formulated a plan -- and if you think it's a good one, can you post in your own journal to direct people to come here?

If you would like me to do you a Santa hat icon, as modelled by everyone in this gallery

1) Give some money to a Christmas or other charity of your choice. If you're not sure, why not try one of these:

Child's Play
Terrence Higgins Trust
Science Fiction Foundation
Help a London Child
The Marine Conservation Society

2) Post a comment below, preferably using the icon you want behatted. No animations, sorry.
3) Wait...

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