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Gadgets Meme
Oh, a new, must-do meme! Apparently the UK is hooked on gadgets. Which do you have?

Pretty much anything with a plug or batteries counts, together with anything that uses plug-in power from a source gadget or that generates its own power. Bold the ones you've got, italicise the ones you'd really like Santa to send. Add any extra info in brackets. Pickwick didn't include lots of gadgets I, um, seem to own. So I've expanded the list somewhat.


smoothie maker (though I'd like a self-cleaning smoothie maker)
coffee maker
coffee grinder

pressure cooker
sandwich maker
crepe maker
slow cooker
hand blender

food processor
bread machine I think we're getting one from drplokta
vacuum cleaner
(which we never use so honestly. eBay.)
donut making machine
cake mixer
egg boiler

Cordless Phone (x4)
Fax machine (part of the all-in-one and I've never plugged the fax bit in; if necessary I use my email to fax gateway)

Washing machine
Tumble dryer

Personal Care:
hairdryer (which ought to be under kitchen really as I only use it to defrost the freezer)
electric shaver
hair trimmer
electric toothbrush
electric flosser

electric blanket
clock radio (sort of; it's a DAB hooked up to a timer switch...)
blood pressure monitor
vibrator (though actually there must be one around somewhere surely...?)

Baby claptrap:
bottle warmer
baby monitors
stupid baby tune playing devices

TV (two not counting external TV cards, of which we have another two)
video recorder
DVD recorder (does on computer count?)
DVD player
Sky/ cable

TIVO/ Sky+/ other hard drive

Computer and peripherals:
desktop (three)
laptop (er, rather a lot of these to be honest, and multiple of many of the peripherals)
media centre (MacMini only)
(only as a combo of the previous two)
external hard drive
modem/ router
wireless network
network hub
graphics tablet
(mine is an A5 wide Intuos and I adore it.)
Griffin PowerMate

CD player (I'm not sure we do any more you know)
tape player (not that works)
turntable (nope)
DAB radio
normal radio (in the cupboard under the stairs waiting for a power cut/Martian attack etc.)
Airport Express/Squeezebox/other MP3 distributor

Things that go in handbags and manbags:
mp3 player (all-iPod household here)
8Gb Product (RED) iPod Nano (are you listening santa?)
personal CD player (I'm sure it's around somewhere. Hello eBay.)
personal video player
headphones (gadget because they're noise-reducing)
mobile phone
(work, in my defence)
digital camera (multiple, including my shiny new stereo digital camera)
Nintendo DS
GameBoy (embarrassingly many in fact)
MiniDisc (I just need to transfer all the discs to the computer; but this has now been replaced with:)
solid state recorder (Edirol R-09 and a new enough gadget that people don't know what to call them yet -- but everyone understands tape recorder)
microphone (Sony ECM-719 but I'd rather have the previous 717 model in a new-mics-for-old swap)

Playstation 3
Playstation 2
Playstation/PSOne (not any more)
Wii (under the tree!!!)
GameCube (hello eBay!)
XBox 360
Sega Dreamcast (we keep it for Samba Di Amigo)

Controllers for above:
Regular controllers (perhaps a dozen of various sorts)
Dance mats (3)
Driving Wheel
Fishing Reel
Resident Evil Chainsaw

lava lamp
fibre optic plant of some kind
touch lamp
weird plug in lightup ball
torch (many, including two where you generate power by shaking or squeezing)
bike lights

battery charger (I use a little one that does AA and AAA batteries very fast)
approximately a bazillion rechargeable batteries (I use them for everything I can)
Solio solar gadget charger (not actually as useful as it at first appears, particularly in the UK)

Making music:
Electric Guitar (I guess Guitar Hero doesn't count eh? They said on the radio this morning that GH should come with a health warning "Warning: Does Not Teach You to Play Guitar">
midi keyboard
electric melodeon (I think I'm going to be the only person on my flist with one of these)

Power Tools:
electric drill
electric screwdriver
circular saw
wallpaper steamer

Particularly gadgety toys:
remote controlled flying saucer
gemstone polishing kit
interactive globe
Speak and Spell
Bop It!

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Goodness-I shall have to go off and do this, now. I am getting the impression that chez bohemiancoast contains absolutely everything.

Well, no. Chez bohemiancoast contains everything except for somewhere to keep everything.

Oy! I resemble that remark!

The electric flosser caught my eye; how well does that work?

It's an OralB Hummingbird. It works well; the flosser is cheap to buy and the disposable attachments are horrendously expensive. It is way better than any form of manual floss I've tried, including the little y-shaped flossers.

What is even better, though, is TePe brushes. They are at least as good as floss at getting rubbish off teeth, and you can use them one-handed, making it straightforward to sit fiddling with your teeth whilst browsing the internet. The catch is that they come in multiple sizes and you will need several to cover all of your teeth.

I can't believe I managed to put in fridge / freezer but forget washing machine/ dryer. Also, I want a donut maker, now.

A lot of the kitchen stuff mentioned here, is at Festung von Krag is covered by my big stand mixer (a Hobart) & it's attachments. I guess I could get a food processor but a a single human household I do stuff faster w/a french knife w/far less muss & fuss. Bread machines IMO don't do as loaf as a stand mixer then finishing the kneading by hand. I wonder tho if the UK donut maker does only a cake (baking powder raised) or also a yeast dough? I still like the classic Joy of Cooking method for HB eggs but to each their own. I can see why you haven't any space tho, but that's normal w/a house and kids.

Rice cooker. Electric steamer.

We'd regard an electric rice cooker as high up on our necessary gadget list, I think.

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