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Peace and Good Will
We will be heading off to zone 7 for the duration at some point. And the postman will by now have delivered any cards that have any chance of getting there before Christmas. We sent very few cards this year; but wish you all a lovely Christmas*. Plokta readers may recognise the theme of the card design.

Christmas Raindrops; cc Alison Scott, by, non-commercial, sharealike; original photo by Steve Wall

Marianne and Jonathan also had homemade cards for their friends at school, which you can see here (Marianne) and here (Jonathan). And we also enclosed a family newsletter with the cards (thanks, Apple Pages) -- which you can read online.

*or, obviously, other midwinter festival of your choice, or a happy perfectly ordinary week if that's your fancy.

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Is that Good Will or Good Wii?

Pack your long johns, it's a bit parky up here in t'frozen north.


It's a bit parky here ducks. I could only find one of my cashmere socks and I'm basically sulking about not being properly warm. Mum did say 'bring plenty of warm clothes because we're going for hearty walks every day'. What on earth was I thinking?

That'll teach you to 'do the right thing' and go see the parental units. Me, I saw Mum last weekend. The flowers arrived with her today and I will call her on the 25th from Annie's. She won't miss me, I set up the set top box for her last weekend, she now has about 20 channels of crap to surf, she's happy as larry. Though she is sulking as I gave away the 6lb tin of chocs. What part of 'diabetic' doesn't she understand?
Me, I'm sitting here with a 7 year old bottle of wine from one of the subbies, a mad cat and the iBook and Steeleye's 'Winter'.
Life is good. And quiet, just how I like it.

x FF

There's a nice black cashmere cardi in M & S I picked up and I'm glad I did!!

And a nice card it is, too. Have fun with the family. Remember, no matter how awkward things get, you are lucky to have family to be awkward. I'm ever so much more thankful for mine this year.

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